Programs: Calendar August 2015

Barnes Arboretum

Barnes Arboretum tour

Explore the Arboretum-with its 40 state champion trees and rose, lilac, peony, and fern collections-as a remarkable example of early 20th-century landscape design, and an insight into the personalities and collecting philosophies of its founders.

August 30, 2015
1–2 pm Barnes Arboretum, 300 N. Latch’s Lane, Merion, PA 19066 $10; members $8

Reserve tickets online or call 215.278.7200.

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Introduction to Visual Literacy

(Section I)

Instructor: John Gatti, MFA

This engaging course is part of the original curriculum of the Barnes Foundation. Using ideas pioneered by Albert Barnes and John Dewey, students explore the entire collection as they learn to read the visual languages of art. By identifying and observing the elements, content, and styles in paintings and other media, students discover how artists create form and meaning.

Mondays August 31, 2015-May 9, 2016 (28 classes)
6-8 pm 2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway $1,500; members $1,350

Register online or call 215.278.7200.